Do you think AI is a passing fad or a meaningful trend?

That is the initial question the spawned Honest AI. My answer is clearly that AI is here to stay. So, what should be done about that?

Improved machine learning has the potential to truly distrupt modern society in a way that few other things could. As with most disruptions this will have both positive and negative outcomes. The difference, to me though, is that this time we can see that things are changing ahead of time. This disruption isn’t going to happen overnight.

We have time to learn, understand, and capture value as AI evolves from a tadpole to a mouse. This is an opportunity for people to come to grips with how they can position themselves for success in the near future, instead of fighting for scraps later on.

Our founding assertions:

  • AI will be one of the most impactful inventions of the 202x's.
  • AI presents an unprecedented communications challenge. The implications of a truly complex topic will need to be presented clearly to the general public.
  • We don't yet understand the extent to which AI will alter society.
  • Everyone, not just engineers, will need a place to learn about and discuss their future options.
  • Value can be created by being an arbiter of knowledge and connection.

Site structure for Honest. External projects will form as separate products, or partnerships.
If you see a person walking down the train-tracks, and a train is coming up behind them, should’t you warn them?