Improved machine learning has the potential to truly distrupt modern society in a way that few other technologies ever could. As with most disruptions this will have both positive and negative outcomes for society. Uniquely, this time we have time to think though those impacts ahead of time to understand how to best position ourselves for success. This new wave of engineering and optimization isn't going to happen overnight!

We can work together to capture the value these systems unlock as AIs evolve from the smarts of a tadpole, to a mouse, and even beyond people. This is an opportunity for people to come to grips with how they can position themselves for success in the near future, not be left racing to change careers after the fact.

We believe that AI can be created in a way that is beneficial for humanity as a whole, increasing the size of the whole pie and making life a little easier. Honest AI is here to help explain some of these systems and hopefully enable readers to get ahead of trends before they go mainstream.

Our founding assertions:

  • AIs will be some of the most impactful inventions of the 202x's.
  • AI presents an unprecedented communications challenge. The implications of this truly complex topic will need to be presented clearly to the general public.
  • We don't yet understand the extent to which AI will alter society.
  • Everyone, not just engineers, will need a place to learn about and discuss their future options.
  • Value can be created by being an arbiter of knowledge and connection.